as of the 22nd of august 2023 will be going through some major renovations! i'm hoping to finish it by my 3 year anniversary with sordward in september. please excuse if there are any links that don't lead anywhere for a while. if you have any questions during this time, please contact the creator of the site either through my main sites guestbook(please specify in your message if you came from here), or on my twitter @sdsn_nzsr / tumblr @diaclarity is, as the name implies, a site dedicated to sordward from pokemon! made by a very big fan of him to show some love and appreciation for our favourite losergirl prince. a lot of art on this site aside from official stuff is lovingly created by yours truly, or commissioned from others by me. hopefully you can all enjoy looking through this site, i'm not sure how much it's going to have to offer aside from some fun ramblings and maybe some facts about him you weren't already aware of, but i hope you can leave this site appreciating him even a little bit more.

sordward is a lot of things. behind all of his smugness and obnoxiousness he really is just someone who, as mean as he is to others, cares deeply about the people important to him, and especially his little brother. i think that side of him is something not a lot of people see or acknowledge, despite how important an aspect it is to his character.


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